Thursday, December 1, 2011

Full Screen Launcher Pro 1.4.9

Requirements: for Android version 2.2 and higher
Overview: Ad free version of the Full Screen Launcher
A 3d launcher for your Android device
–== Features ==–
- 3D wall : the desktop becomes a big wall with OpenGL ultra smooth scrooling
- Coll animation when switching walls
- Widget support : widget dropped on the desktop are converted to 3D and shown back in 2D when needed (tested with Facebook, Calendar, power and weather widgets…)
- Full Screen Caller ID integration : drop HD picture of your favorite contacts for easier access.
- Folder : Unclutter your home screen with folders. Each folder is displayed as a new wall and can contains widgets, application icons, contacts.
- Wallpaper support : when zooming inside your wall, the android wallpaper zoom
- Live Wallpaper support
–== How to use ==–
Press your home button to select the Full Screen Launcher as the default launcher.
The first use will render textures into cache, this might slows down the application.
To add widget, shortcuts or contacts to your home screen, simply long press the desktop.
All items can be picked with a long press.
To create folder, long press the desktop and choose add folder. You can now drop any items in your new folder. Folders are shown on the home screen as a 3D cube previewing the content of the folder.
–== Contact me ==–
Don’t hesitate to contact me if you have questions about the software. I try to answer as many mail as I can.
PS : I can’t resolve issues from comments on the android market, please contact me directly.

Full Screen Launcher PRO
What’s in this version:
improved : bitmap memory usage
improved : framerate
fixed : icons not showing on first startup
fixed : camera no longer move when pressing home key
added : animation when dropping an item inside folder
added : pl translation
Barcode Scanner
Download Full Screen Launcher Pro v1.4.9
Download Full Screen Launcher Pro v1.4.9 apk

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