Thursday, December 1, 2011

Battery Monitor Widget Pro 2.0

Requirements: Android 1.5+
Overview: Complete battery monitoring with notification icon, history, graphics and alarms
Lowest consumption battery monitor and widget showing capactity, charge/discharge
(mA & mW), voltage, temperature and remaining time.
Shows %, temperature and mA in status bar using external packages.
Shows and saves history, shows scrollable/zoomable graphics, long-press for full-screen.
Triggers alarm based on battery full/charged or voltage and temperature levels.
To get battery % in status bar, go to settings, notification and alarms then select icon type ‘external package’.
Lowest battery consumption on the market!
If you want only notification icons/alarms, you can disable the graphics and history to reduce consumption even more!
Wide widget can display any data, check settings.
Recommended by Motorola support team!
Not all phones supported:
- mA data may be desynchronized and/or estimated
- Some data may not be reported at all
Support for Motorola Defy and Atrix 1% reporting can be activated from Settings/Monitoring.
History browsing and/or backup/restore
Provide data to Process Monitor Widget
Traditional Chinese translation
Video tutorial!
Battery Monitor Widget Pro
What’s in this version:
- New Polish language (many to Lukasz)
- Improve history browsing speed
- Improve battery management
- Improve mAh measures
- Improve ICS support
Barcode Scanner
Download Battery Monitor Widget Pro v2.0
Download Battery Monitor Widget Pro v2.0 apk

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