Friday, September 2, 2011

Ultimate To-Do List 1.5.1

Requirements: for all Android versions
Overview: A to-do list and notebook for power users, which syncs with the Toodledo web site.

This is the smartphone edition. We also have a separate tablet edition for devices with large screens.


- Organize tasks by folder, location, context, tags, goal, star, and subtasks.
- Supports complex repeating patterns (for example: every Tuesday and Thursday).
- Track both estimated and actual length of tasks. Includes a built-in timer.
- Organize your notes into folders.
- 2 home screen widgets: a task list (in multiple sizes), and a new task button


- Synchronizes tasks and notes with the web site, allowing access from both your desktop computer and phone. All Toodledo features are supported.
- Supports multiple accounts.
- Automatic synchronization, including instant upload of changes on your phone to Toodledo.
- Supports subtasks without a paid Toodledo Pro account. (Subtask syncing requires a pro account.)


- Includes 5 priority levels and a task status field (active, planning, waiting, etc.).
- Option to set a time based and/or location based reminder (proximity alert) for a task. When linking a task with a location, a location alarm will occur when you reach that location.
- Optional nagging alarms remind you again if you don't hear the sound or feel the vibration.
- Custom vibrate patterns, sounds, and light colors allow you to distinguish a task alarm from other alarms.
- Snooze alarms until later if you can't do the task right away.


- Filter and search on any task field.
- Sort by up to 3 levels, on any task field.
- Configurable display allows you to see the exact information you are interested in.
- Save your filter, sort, and display options into custom views for quick access later.
- Customizable interface: Turn off the features you don't want to keep things simple.
- Choice of light or dark theme.

What's in this version:
Ability to synchronize with Google Tasks / gTasks.
Automatic entry of the folder, context, goal and location fields based on where you're at in the app.
Ability to convert a regular task into a subtask.
Ability to promote a subtask to a regular task.
Multiple levels of subtasks (not supported by Toodledo).
Ability to turn on location reminders from tasks created in Toodledo. (See FAQs at for directions.)
A progress bar is now displayed when running a manual sync.

Full version, allows you to use the app beyond the 14 day trial.

Download Instructions:


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