Wednesday, August 3, 2011

SlideIT Keyboard v4.0.1

Requirements: for all Android versions
Overview: SlideIT is the best keyboard for Android devices.

SlideIT, make it easy to write
SlideIT keyboard full version 4

Supports many new skins.

The innovative keyboard for quick and easy writing with over 1,000,000 downloads, 45 languages. A revolutionary way to write Email, to send SMS or just to chat with your friends…

Instead of entering text by tapping on letters, SlideIT keyboard eases texting by sliding a finger along the letters, while the words “magically” appear on the screen.

SlideIT keyboard is an excellent tool for entering text, enabling users to dramatically improve writing speed with practically no learning curve.

In addition, writing efficiency is further enhanced with SlideIT keyboard’s smart predictive texting and disambiguation capabilities.

SlideIT has over 40 freely available language packs and keyboard layouts for download. Whether you write in English, Serbian, Catalan or Arabic you can still SlideIT! the keyboard can be configured to load 2 languages simultaneously, and the user can switch between them at any time.

“…for one-handed text entry, SlideIT Keyboard is the current king of the hill.” - PCWorld, August 2010.

“…Best keyboard around. A must have for the Android. It is the best app that I've bought” - SlideIT user reviews.

New Features:

* UI experience. You can now use the keyboard in landscape mode either full-screen or regular, as well as set the keyboard height. Right-to-left languages now have better support.

* Better support for tablet devices.

* Even less layout switching. ':' and ';' have been added to the main keyboard layout, requiring less layout switches.

SlideIT keyboard can be configured to load 2 Language packs simultaneously, and the user can switch between them at any time.
These packs include a variety of layouts: QWERTY, QWERTZ, AZERTY, COLEMAK and DVORAK.
And more than 30 languages:
Afrikaans - Afrikaanse sleutelbord,
Albanian - Tastierës shqipe,
Arabic - لوحة المفاتيح العربية,
Belorussian - Беларускія клавіятуры,
Brazilian - Teclado brasileiro,
Bulgarian - Българска клавиатура,
Catalan - Català teclat,
Czech -Česká klávesnice,
Croatian - Hrvatske tipkovnice,
Danish - Danske tastatur,
Dutch -Nederlands toetsenbord,
Estonian - Eesti klaviatuur,
Finnish - Suomen näppäimistö,
French - Clavier français,
German - Deutsch Tastatur,
Greek - Ελληνικό πληκτρολόγιο,
Hebrew - מקלדת עברית,
Hungarian - Magyar billentyűzet,
Icelandic - Íslenska lyklaborðið,
Indonesian - Bahasa Indonesia keyboard,
Italian - Tastiera italiana,
Latvian - Latvijas klaviatūras,
Lithuanian - Lietuvos klaviatūros,
Norwegian - Norsk tastatur,
Persian - صفحه کلید فارسی,
Polish - Polska klawiatura,
Portuguese - Teclado Português,
Romanian - Român tastatură,
Russian - Русская клавиатура,
Serbian - cyrillic - Ћирилица српска тастатура,
Serbian - latin - Latin srpskoj tastaturi,
Slovak - Slovenská klávesnica,
Slovenian - Slovensko tipkovnico,
Spanish - Teclado en español,
Swahili - Swahili keyboard,
Swedish - Svenskt tangentbord,
Turkish - Türkçe klavye, iPhone
and Ukrainian -Український клавіатури.

Recent changes:
-- SlideIT keyboard version 4.0.1 --
• Fixed an issue where skins didn't work with Android versions older than 2.2
• Better setup experience on large-screen devices

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