Friday, July 29, 2011

Zombie Juice v1.0

Requirements: Android 2.2 and up
Overview: If you like colourful characters, things that go bump in the night…and getting a little messy at times, you will LOVE “Zombie Juice”! See em, Slash em, and Juice em up! Mixing furious excitement with a simple strategic element, this game will keep you coming back for more and more juice-filled mayhem!

People everywhere are boarding up their houses in the face of the Zompocalypse spreading through the city and surrounding suburbs! Defend your front yard from the safety of your garden fence with the help of your little friends the Garden Gnomes, before falling back to the warmth of your bedclothes to defend against the childhood monsters in your closet! With a creatively cool arsenal of household items-turned-weapons at your disposal, they have the numbers but you have the firepower! Will they get the delicious brains they’re after? You decide!

“We wanted to go for something that shook up people’s perceptions of “delicious” and “disgusting”, rolling these extreme senses into one unique and tantalising concoction. I think we really nailed it too, and hope that everyone who plays this game worldwide experiences this new taste sensation when indulging in the delectable new treat that is “Zombie Juice.” – Simon Banks (GM, Bifrost Studios)

Already loving it? Then here’s an extra little taste test for you…
Zombie Juice mixes all the best ingredients of your favourite zombie horror movies, and lets you do all the things you always wanted to, resulting in a fast, funny and oh-so-juicy gaming experience. It really has the perfect balance between action and humour and with more chapters already set for release, get on the Zombie Juice band wagon and be part of the madness!

“The rankings you’re granted are hilarious, the characters disturbingly loveable, and the medallion reward system is like an addictive hobby” - Louis Mitchell-Turner (Vintage Gaming Enthusiast)

Zombie Juice reflects the strengths of the previous title by Bifrost Studios “Hot Tail”, with ease of play, unlockables, surprises, progression, and a dark artistic charm with colourful characters remaining a key focus. However, Zombie Juice has a rounder, smoother feel to it. Menus are simple and sleek in design, and the game is built to honour that user friendly pick-up / put-down casual quality.

“The emphasis on mess has been done beautifully, you can almost taste the juice as it splashes across your screen…I love it!” Harrison Stitt (Casual Gaming Competitor)

Available VIRTUALLY FREE ($0.99) on the Apple AppStore and the Android Market, getting this game is what your zombie foes would call a “No Brainer”. Meanwhile, full integration of Openfeint means that you can compare scores and rankings with friends and family around the clock, and know for real who kills Zombies better!

“Ever imagined what a juicy zombie cocktail would taste like? This game will show you.” Adam Single (Head Coder, Bifrost Studios)

For all Zombie Juice gossip, news and competitions, zombie walk to Facebook and Twitter. For all behind the scenes updates on how this epic new title was made a reality, keep an eye out for the official Zombie Juice Video on YouTube.

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