Thursday, July 28, 2011

Zeus Arena v1.0C [Quake 3 for the Xperia Play] (1.0C)

Zeus Arena 1.0C

Zeus Arena is the XPERIA PLAY optimized port of the ioquake3 engine ( for Android.

***------ Xperia Play only ------***

Important!! Read this description for instructions on game setup, it will not work otherwise!

Xperia PLAY optimized

Zeus Arena is just an engine and doesn't come with any games. However it is easy for the user to play any compatible PC games through Zeus Arena, if they own a legal copy.

Zeus Arena supports several PC games, such as the completely free first person shooter OpenArena which is featured in the screenshots for this app. Get OpenArena at

This application builds upon kwaak3 ( by adding support for the Xperia Play's gamepad.

Follow the instructions on the website for kwaak3 to set up a compatible PC game with Zeus Arena (using the same directory but the pk3 files from your game of choice).

Multiplayer is supported (even with desktop computers), however sometimes you will have to specify the ip address of the host. In addition to play multiplayer between a desktop and phone, the desktop should be running ioquake.

By default the key binding aren't completely set up, however they can be set up in game. I recommend using L1 to jump, R1 to fire, triangle for crouch, square for prev weapon, circle for next weapon and changing the left and right buttons to strafe. The menu key brings up an on screen keyboard, the back button puts it away (this allows for in game talking and entering cd keys), however backspace is currently not supported. The search button toggles the in game console. Start and back work as the Esc button on a keyboard.

Zeus Arena supports two different ways of using the right hand side of the touch pad for controlling the camera. The default is to use swipe based movements to look about, the other option is to emulate a real analog stick. This option can be changed at start up using the swipe to look check box (unchecking it turns analog stick mode on).

If you ever change your key bindings such that you can't change them back in game, delete the config file from your SD card (it will be in the same folder as the PK3 files).

Known Issues:
*Some maps will crash and cause the application to exit
*To find a host you will sometimes have to specify their ip address
*Some cinematics have issues displaying
*Touchpad cannot be used to navigate some menus
*Sometimes when loading levels or the benchmark the app will say it has frozen when it hasn't. If this ever happens to you just press wait and it should work.
-Released By The Market Militia-

Download: GAME APK

SD Card Data for Full Version of Quake 3 - Extract to root of SD Card:

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