Thursday, July 28, 2011

Turtle Dash v1.0

Requirements: All Android Version
Overview: Digital Chocolate releases Turtle Dash onto the Android Market

Straying for their standard simulation style games, Digital Chocolate has released an action runner called Turtle Dash onto the Android Market today. In this game you have to run as fast as you can and avoid traps set by the evil pigs and robots. Apparently turtles can run pretty fast, who knew?

However, just simply running and jumping on wagons to avoid traps is not the only thing you have to do, especially when confronted by a wall of crates and enemies. Luckily this mild mannered turtle who wanted to only pick up vegetables for his tea can also send a huge burst of energy ahead of him which can destroy things like crates and those bad pigs and robots.

Turtle Dash is a persistent runner similar to other games that are out like Diversion in endless mode for Android or Canabalt on the PC but meshes into the persistent running some action gaming elements where you can either blast your way through things or jump over them. It is definitely a bit different from what we have seen land on Android from the Digital Chocolate camp but for those gamers who enjoy a persistent running game with a bit more action involved, you may want to check this title out.

Acer Liquid
HTC A8181
HTC Bravo
HTC Desire
HTC DesireHD
HTC DesireZ
HTC Incredible
HTC IncredibleS
HTC NexusOne
HTC PD98120
HTC Saga
Huawei S7
LG P920
LG P990
Samsung GalaxyS
Samsung I9000
Samsung I9001
Samsung I9003
Samsung I9020NexusS
Samsung I9023
Samsung I9100
Samsung I997
Samsung Seine
ZTE OrangeSanFrancisco

Supplied by kriker

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