Saturday, July 30, 2011

TouchPal v4.8 Beta 20110729 - Swype Killer

Requirements: Android
Overview: TouchPal Keyboard Highlights:
1) Predictive Sliding
One of TouchPal's key differentiation from Swype is its predictive sliding technology (patent pending). When you slide over letters, you can pause any time and TouchPal may predict words. It's specially useful for long words

2) Blind Typing/Sliding
With a super mistyping correction engine, TouchPal allows you to type/slide without looking at the keyboard. Don't worry about the mistakes because they can be corrected automatically.

3) Smart Prediction
TouchPal's prediction engine is based on language models and machine learning. And it also learns from you input pattern to improve prediction. You only need to type a very few letters and TouchPal can predict the right word.

2. The beta version is free and will NOT expire. But we encourage you to upgrade to official version once it's released.
3. The beta may be buggy or malfunctioning. It's provided AS IT IS and we won't be reponsible for any damage, if any. Participate the beta test at your own risk.
4. TouchPal Keyboard will NOT collect any private information that you typed. The warning message from Google is for ANY third-party input method. We guarantee that your privacy is well protected.

- This beta version only supports English. Other languages will be supported in the official release.
- The beta version might be updated frequently. Please follow us on twitter ( or like us on Facebook (TouchPal) to receive the latest updates from us.

Download Instructions:

Mirror :

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