Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Tap Sonic: DJMax v1.0.3

Requirements: Andoid 2.0+
Overview: If you dont know about DJMax or Tap Sonic, first of all its a music game, like Tap Tap, Guitar Hero, DJ Hero…. and you got the idea.

And why i say Tap Sonic is the DJMax on iPhone/iPad? Because the game is made by the same korean company: Pentavision
Pentavision is the maker of DJMax, which is the original music game, means the songs of the game are (most of them are) original, written only for the DJMax game. Unlike Tap Tap and Guitar Hero etc etc which uses pop songs for their game. And this is the main reason i like DJMax so much.
Their game is always so music oriented, although recent release of DJMax Portable had gone more into graphic, (the background video is so well made and fancy), with a very nice gameplay and nice songs.

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