Thursday, July 14, 2011

Simple Calendar Widget v1.972

Requirements: Android v2.1+
Overview: This widget calendar is analog of standard calendar widget, with updated look to match style of "SiMi Clock" widget (all credits are going to its author)


Support a lot of configuration options:
* Different skins,
* Possibility to choose which calendars to show
* Font and background customization
* Show or hide current day of month
* Possibility to choose which application to open
and more...

How to add:
On phone home screen press "menu", then "add", click on "widgets" and choose "Car Widget" from the list
(If you can't press add button for some reason, workaround is to press and hold any space on the home screen and a menu pops up)

For people who wants to see weather forecast on the screen:
Just set it up in settings of desktop version of Google calendar.
For steps just search for "Weather forecasts in your calendar" in Google.
Also you can include more interesting calendars like holidays, birthday dates or sport news.
Search for "Add interesting calendars from Google Calendar" and follow the instructions

Tested with android version 2.3.3 and 2.2

If you have any problem, please add it into issue tracker or send me an email with description of the problem and steps to reproduce it

(Copy from description of Beautiful Widgets)
There is a bug in the Samsung Update which prevent to save the settings file. You need to factory reset your phone. There is also a manipulation available for root users on XDA Developers. If you do not have problems, no need to reset your phone!

Recent changes:
* Fix for Galaxy Tab user (widget needs to be re-added)
* Update translations


* Support for 2.1 devices (with some limitations - it's not possible to change background color or opacity)
* One more alternative layout for event.
* Improved event click behavior for branded devices.
* Option to hide GMT offset
* Link to facebook page (Please click "like" if you like it)
* Improved detection of EN locales
* Ignore unnecessary multiple updates from time set action, should lower CPU usage

Content rating: Everyone 

Latest version: 1.972 (for Android version 2.1 and higher)

Download Instructions:


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