Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Nexus Revamped Pro LW v1.98.14

Requirements: Android OS 2.1 - 2.3
Overview: Like the Nexus live wallpaper but with improved efficiency and extra customisability 

* Custom background images 
* Custom particles colors
* Reaction to battery level (Color and speed)
* Works with Launcher pro
* Min/Max Speed
* Spawn density
* Touch interaction
* Multi-Touch interaction
* Many more settings

Permissions: Internet access is only required for anonomous usage data to help improve the app, can be disabled in settings > advanced.

What's in this version:
Bug Fix: Multi-touch force close bug fixed
Improved: Due to above bug fix, multi-touch now supports more fingers. This is great for tablets with 'jazz hands' support (more than 5 fingers!)
Added: Ability to save custom themes (Preset > User)
Added: Red Grid Theme
Improved: Thumbnail images in preset menu scaled to screensize

Download Instructions:


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