Tuesday, July 19, 2011

GPS Status & Toolbox donate v3.8.1

Requirements: Android 1.0+
Overview: Display your GPS and sensor data: position and signal strength of satellites, accuracy, speed, acceleration, bearing. 

Tools included: compass with magnetic and true north, leveling tool, mark or share your location and navigate back later. 

Keep your GPS fast: reset it or download A-GPS data regularly for faster fixes.

What's in this version:
Maidenhead works now
- New sat colors: gray(no info), blue(has almanach), yellow(has ephemeris), green(used in fix)
- Added %date%, %time%, %speed% to the share template
- Added Japanese, Norwegian, Swedish, Finnish and Slovak translations
- Radar now works correctly with programs using 'navigate to' URLs, (Parkdroid, Car Locator etc.)
- Maidenhead Locator Grid support
- Removed invocation of web changelog on start (we have no What's new in Market)
- Bugfixes

For more detailed change log, see: Settings/Help...

Download Instructions:


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