Friday, July 29, 2011

[App] Get Sense 3.0 Lockscreen For Your Android Device

HTC's user interface SENSE was recently updated to version 3.0; which was largely differnt from its predecessor. The most noticable change was seen in the lockscreen which now had a unique layout where the user had to touch the app icon and drag it to a ring to open that app. But the app was exclusively for HTC's new phones like Sensation etc.But App developer SunPengfei has developed a clone App "Agile Lock" for all android devices. 

You can get the App for your Android Device and experifrom the Android Market[links below].

 Market Description:

Are you still envy of the brilliant lock screen of Sense 3.0? Now, as long as your phone is Android system, you will be able to experience the beauty of the lock screen. Only use one button, you can choose to use this agile lock screen or system default screen.Drag the bottom circle to the top can unlock screen.
This program has a lot of setting options: font, font color, font size, background settings, shortcuts settings, etc., must be well meet your needs.

Agile Lock

                                                      Download From Android Market 
                                                            Free Version | Paid Version

Note:You can get the paid app for free if you download some Chinese apps within that app. All you need is 300 points and each app is about 100 points so 3 free apps= 1 paid app for free. Just uninstall whatever you don't want after you get 300 Points.[tip by xda member xboxfanj]


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